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Our Projects:

We collect original music, art, and words from all who are inclined to openly share their work. We then compile issues to release periodically, as heavily-packaged “albums”. This means we use your contributions to create an audio compilation accompanied by a selection of small-format prints/ photos/ poems/ essays/ etc.  The songs are transferred digitally, while the prints and poems are reproduced by hand, using a wide variety of print-making techniquies. The resulting packages are sent by mail. Issue No. 5 was different in that it included poster-sized pieces, as well as a cassette tape compilation and online access to the music. For each issue, we make a set number of identical copies, and thus create a limited edition. The general rule is: you are guaranteed a copy if you contribute.

Julia W. is now designer and co-editor with The Materialist Press (with Mudthroat collaborators and writers Ari Resnikoff and  Livingston Miller). The idea is to publish independent writers and artists with special attention paid toward materials and small-edition production processes. For more information, see the site: Materialist Press.

Our Origins:

In October of 2009, sisters Julia and Eleanor Warner founded MudThroat Records. The seed of the idea for this (ad)venture came from a man named Wallace Berman, who published “Semina” in nine issues — loose-leaf periodicals made up of contributions from friends within his creative circle. MudThroat is a tribute to this publication, and it issues a call to friends stretching from Hollywood to Venice, Santa Cruz to Arcata, Brooklyn to the Adirondacks, Dayton to Ashville.  Mudthroat is an attempt to expose music recorded and produced in a variety of ways, to expose art made in the homes or on the walls of our close communities, and to create a growing family of artists who value independent industries of expression.  At heart, we consider our expression our livelihood, and so there can be little separation between the food we grow, the words we speak, the art we create, and the music we play. We ask diversity and convergence to connect the dots beyond ourselves. Drawing from the corners of this, our world, we bring you the mudthroat tribe, the combination of all (y)our friends and their creations. Issue #1 Space Riots – Jan 2010 Issue #2 Moon Maps and Noon Naps – August 2010 Issue #3 (edition of 66) From Brine to Bed – May 2011 Issue #4 Under New Flags – February 2012 Issue #5 Field Guide – early 2013


Our Name:eruda –

…Yo estoy de pie en su espuma y sus raíces, yo lloro en su follaje y en sus muertos, acompañado de sastres caídos en medio del invierno deshonrado, yo subo escalas de humedad y sangre tanteando las paredes, y en la congoja del tiempo que llega sobre una piedra me arrodillo y lloro. Y hacia túneles acres me encamino vestido de metales transitorios, hacia bodegas solas, hacia sueños, hacia betunes verdes que palpitan, hacia herrerías desinteresadas, hacia sabores de lodo y garganta, hacia imperecederas mariposas…” excerpt from “Estatuto Del Vino” by Pablo Neruda

… we were immediately taken by the image… the mud in your throat… from whence strange vines with beautiful fruits grow… Untitled from Semina 4, 1959, photo by Charles Stark, poem by John Reed // more images from Wallace Berman


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